Windows Support/Training

130,000+  Hours experience. 30 Years Experience. 3 Degrees. Study at Harvard University [Online, 1st semester which was free] in Computer Science [4th Qualification].

Consultation: Free

Option 1 $60/Hour. [Costs are going up to cover advertising].
Option 2 $35 Per Solution

Also By Phone or otherwise if E Mail  unavailable or by your visit

Phone support is not 24/7 but may well be available within 12/24 hours: 022 419 3060
After Mobile call 09 calls can be placed from me to you or I can locate an 09 number for you to call if you are  outside of 09.

I do not usually return non 09 calls at the moment so if you want to contact outside 09 addresses I suggest if possible you leave an online contact message or SMS to 022 419 3060 with your contact details online or 09 number. If this is not possible I would suggest using your Relevant unit warranty provider or external  support service.

Please note if you have an error on your part the warranty services can be twice the price, sometimes several hundred, of a Professional without their own service supporting you and several  times slower than a professional with own service, from days to weeks.

I would suggest the following rates:
$30/Hour Professional without own service.
$60/Professional with own service.
$120-180/hour for Units of significant priority such as above 5 people.
Above 15 people $180/Hour+