1. The 1st Manager of Digital Builder Studied Web Development At Media Design School & Natcoll, on one instance becoming top of the web class. [The Manager had also studied to be a PC Technician and Network Technician to CompTIA Standard Certification]

2.  On finishing his business and study contacts recommended he start a business to offer his services.

3. The Manager ran for around 2 years with 38 clients. 1 Client every 19 days. It averaged work load of 26 hours per week with extra hours studying business, economics, psychology to improve business skills to go with I.T. Skills.

4.1 Neighbours next door abused him when drunk on 2 weekends yelling from one house to another

4.2 He confronted them to stop.

4.3 They stabbed him in the head with a medium size knife.

4.4 The manager was advised to leave the area

5.1 The manager sold the business to another Manager and left the country to Australia

5.2 The next manager redeveloped the service on the 1st managers notes of what seemed to be happening on the web client public view and then closed the business for unknown reasons to the first manager.

6. The first manager saw the second manager had closed the business several years later and re-activated the domain although it is now in not a 50-100% full  time hours service for now.