#1 Server Side Language Competition [?] JAVA Vs PHP

It isn’t correct to compare Java to PHP. Since PHP is a server-side scripting language whereas Java is a general-purpose language. In other words, PHP is only used as a server-side language where Java is both for server-side and desktop programming language. Moreover, Java is compiled and strongly-typed language.

Which language is easier Java or PHP?Both the language are incomparable. Java is programming language and php isserver side scripting language. Both language are easy depends upon you how much efforts you can give.

JSP support for APIs is very huge since it’s based on Java programming language whereas PHP has limited access to APIs. JSP execution requires more time since it is translated into Servlet, compiled and executed whereas PHP execution requires less time than JSP.

Although PHP is good for web earning but for career growth Java is better.

PHP is also a low-cost web development tool and as a result, companies prefer it more. PHP is very easy to learn and to implement. It provides a set of the best methods needed in web development.

Designing and Development are the steps that are importantPHP Programming the Languages mostly commonly used for Website and Web ApplicationDevelopmentPHP is a general purpose, server-side scripting language run a webserver that’s designed to make dynamic pages and applications.

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#2 Server Side Language Competition [?] Python VS PHP

1.1 Python is owned by a foundation: they could start charging
1.2 PHP is Open Source
2.1 Python has foundation to support growth
2.2 PHP Does not have same foundation to support growth
Summary: Foundationware Vs Open Source Advantages/Disadvantages
3.1 Claims PHP best suited for Web Development in 3A

#3 Server Side Language Competition ASP[VB].NET/C# VS PHP

The point is PHP is a programming language, whereas ASP.NET does not belong to the category of programming languages. C# or VB.Net are the languagesusually used with ASP.Net. … You cannot strike a comparison between PHP andASP.NET as the latter is a web framework while the former is a programminglanguage. [URL]

[URL] ASP.NET is a paid Microsoft provided web application framework whereas PHP is server-side scripting language which is open source. ASP.NET is better suited for large and medium-sized organization whereas PHP is better equipped to server start-up and small sized organizations.

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#4 Server Side Language Competition Perl

[URL] Is Perl still worth learning?It’s still worth learning, at least at a basic level, such as in Learning Perl. It’s the source of pretty much all the regular expression parsers you see in Python, Ruby, etc. (PCRE = Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions). It’s not a popular language these days, because it’s hard to work collaboratively in Perl.

The biggest disadvantage of Perl is that it lends itself to very messy code. If you’ve ever got to read code written by a messy software developer, you’re much better off reading Python or Java than Perl.