Comp General

1 Office/s
2 CompTIA A+ [Hardware/s, Operating System/s, Application/s, Data Files]
3 Websites
4 Example Certification/s

Office, Microsoft

Note that this probably is the usual best quality productBut is a pay product

Current Versions of Microsoft are various versions of 
[URL] [Wikipedia] Office 2019, which is a lifetime license and typically has media for outside the internet
[URL] [Wikipedia] Office 365, which is a subscription license and typically has media for inside the internet
Some have more or less extra programs or features within these two separately, extra features, extra prices.

DO NOT confuse the subscription version with the lifetime version, it will screw you up.

[URL] Old Version information may be found here

Office, Alternatives To

Note that this probably is Not the usual best quality product. But may have Free versions / Limited versions.

My Favourite Free Alternative to MS Office? [Prefer for install]*
*There are several products out there though, I like this one for simplicity.
Free Office Make/Model Options

Office, Common Online Tool/s [Prefer if don’t have my laptop to install/mount above on]

You can open some office documents that have a url with the following, add the document at the end of the URL:

CompTIA A+, Model* [*Of Many]

CompTIA A+ Beginner Technician Model
1. HW Hardware, usually meaning the hard bits although technically electrons are too.
2. OS Operating System, like the foundation of a factory
3. App The factory 
4. Data What the factor produces

//All of this goes beyond libraries

CompTIA A+, 1 IBM PC Hardware

HW [URL 1] Basic [URL 2] Intermediate. Usually A Short+Long Term Memory, Calculator & Adaptors. You could publish 10’s of thousands of books on hardware literally or like write mathematical formulas or know there are 100-200 letters the maths alphabet.

CompTIA A+, 2 OS Windows

OS [URL] Most Common OS, [URL] Download Windows 10, Software key gives extra features, works, from Microsoft, without a license key. Some features may disable if used without license key long term as an incentive to buy. Without license key allows OS Market statistics to stay hi / Not Lose Market Share as much. Versions Prior to Windows 10 Typically required a license key.

Can I run windows 10 on my computer if I am running a different O/S? This can include older machines or different versions, you just have to meet the right specs.

How to Check if Your Computer Can Run Windows 10 See [URL]

CompTIA A+, 3 Applications

[URL] Best Freeware [1] [URL] Best Free [2], [URL] General, [URL] Adobe

CompTIA A+, 4 Data

DT [URL] Example Free Excel Template, to show you difference between application and data file.


Example Easy Beginner Website:, has more text orientated accuracy
Example Medium Beginner website, has greater visual accuracy

Example IT Certification/s