Programming in parts of 10 languages, as well as english and data entry isn’t like an obstacle to me now, I have probably done (150,000/60)+(4000*5)=22,500 hours over 10 years Professionally and 20*52*11=11,440 hours Casually. Now its more like task, code2code next.

The average professional span for study in US publications is 7 years Which may be about 10,000-15,000 hours. Then typically in US Studies practises can change and may need retraining or adoption of some sort.

Web Development Courses Grades: Course 1 B+ Second A- [Top Of Class] two top web developments NZ schools

Willing to provide extra discounts for ongoing services.

Worked & Studied: 17.5 / 22.5 Years.
Services are usually remote only. Disability prevents travel.

Web Development

2 years of study and 3 years of experience of Web Development
Rely on someone else’s $40,000 worth of studies & Developed over 50 websites
$50 WordPress webpage setup
$26/Hour or $075.00 / Page HTML/CSS Template*
$26/Hour or $035.00 / Page HTML/CSS Data entry into template*
[*Can do designs similar to others]
$26/Hour or $100.00 / Page PHP&MySQL, ASP&Access||MS-SQL, CFML, More than 7 Fields may incur fee by negotiation [Still to be cost competitive]
$26/Hour General Web Development work

Note USB Sticks Are Free Windows Personal Edition And Free Linux Software, Self Booting.

Windows Technical Support

1 years of study and 1 years of experience of Windows Technical Support
No charge for unsolved problems
Rely on someone else’s $16,000 worth of studies & Installed windows over 500 times
$030 Problem Location diagnosis in IBM PC Hardware / IBM PC Windows
$030 7/8/8.1/10 Windows Password Reset, I can courier USB Stick to you.
$030 7/8/8.1/10 Windows Re-Install, If you want remote service I can courier USB Stick to you
$030 File Recovery, If you want remote service I can courier USB Stick to you
$030 Hard Disk Erasure, If you want remote service I can courier USB Stick to you
$030/Hour General Windows Technical Support

Data Entry

5 years data entry experience
$17.70/Hour or $003.00 / Page, Data Entry in Text, Word, Excel or by request.
$17.70/Hour General light computer duties