Websites – Brief Guide

Do you want a website?

What is the most common [1A]
What is Word Press [1B]

Why do some people charge? Because just like you could write a book with the alphabet they may be there to assist you in how its written, whether its just setting up features or addon tools or writing whole new tools.

There is hundreds of web hosts [These provide when you type www.something.domain to connect to the other end], some people may have experience with different ones. For example I know while the biggest may be I don’t use them because I can be put on hold for close to an hour for tech support whereas with I can file tech support issues, await a reply in usually 15 minutes and proceed with other activites rather than wait an hour on a phone line.

There is usually 3 basis charges for a site I will highlight

A] The Design
B] The www.somethingdomain.domainextension
C] The Machine that when you type www.somethingdomain.domainextension <> goes to stored files and or database <Loads> The design Files or Database

What is a database?

In simple terms it confines off data so it can be used more efficiently, usually
For example saying 8 Billion people are only allowed 32 letters in the first name instead of saying it could be an A4 Page. This can help optomize performance. Another example being only let numerals in an area and not letters

I am willing to provide:

A] $50 for wordpress then $60/Hour for changes [Costs are going up to cover advertising], Minimum half an hour.
B] Domains at cost
C] Web Hosting at cost

I would strongly recommend using common standard frameworks and components rather than custom written units from small firms which have a less long life potential. They may have less versatility but generally significantly longer potential life. However some of this goes outside Word Press and counts as Application Development [Even say ASB or WINZ or Westpac has to deal with these issues].

Site turnaround can be typically 1-3 days but will vary

{This is a tradesmen site, rather than a business}